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Bonds in circulation,
Bonds declared,
Redeemed bonds,
Coupon rate,
% annual
EurobondsSenior, unsecured30.04.2013/ 30.04.202310US$1,000,000,000406,564,0001,000,000,000593,436,0004.4%XS0925015074/ US46639UAA34
EurobondsSenior, unsecured19.04.2017/ 19.04.20225US$500,000,000500,000,000500,000,000-3.875%XS1595713279/ US48667QAM78
EurobondsSenior, unsecured19.04.2017/ 19.04.202710US$1,000,000,0001,000,000,0001,000,000,000-4.75%XS1595713782/ US48667QAN51
EurobondsSenior, unsecured19.04.2017/ 19.04.204730US$1,250,000,0001,250,000,0001,250,000,000-5.75%XS1595714087/ US48667QAP00
EurobondsSenior, unsecured24.04.2018/ 24.04.20257US$500,000,000500,000,000500,000,000-4.75%XS1807299174/ US48667QAR65
EurobondsSenior, unsecured24.04.2018/ 24.04.203012US$1,250,000,0001,250,000,0001,250,000,000-5.375%XS1807300105/ US48667QAQ82
EurobondsSenior, unsecured24.04.2018/ 24.04.204830US$1,500,000,0001,500,000,0001,500,000,000-6.375%XS1807299331/ US48667QAS49
Information on outstanding eurobonds as at 1 July, 2019
Eurobonds are placed among a wide range of investors, including Europe, Aisa and USA, and are traded on LSE and KASE

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